the Plan

Palmetto Avenue is undergoing an transformation. This area has long been a center of social, commercial, and community activities and is home to the annual Pacific Coast FogFest in September. The long-time vision for the Palmetto Main Street in the historic Sharp Park neighborhood is finally underway.

The streetscape improvements are based on a design plan developed by the West Sharp Park Advisory Committee working with the Palmetto Avenue businesses and property owners. This redesign is expected to
make Palmetto Avenue a more inviting and effective retail
district that will help encourage more businesses to locate here, such as restaurants, shops and personal services, turning the street into a thriving “downtown.

The effort kicked off with the undergrounding of power and communications lines. The utility undergrounding project completed in 2016. All of the distribution lines have already been placed beneath the street and sidewalks to unclutter the view of the street. The cost of the undergrounding project was funded by money set aside by the utility companies for such projects. A few finishing touches remain, such as patching at some sidewalks where poles were removed.

Today, the next phase, streetscaping has begun. This project brings attractive main street improvements to these 10 blocks for a more walkable, safe, and attractive ‘Main Street’ for visitors and residents.

The most important changes include new intersection corner bulbs that will slow traffic, make pedestrian crossings safer, and allow decorative landscaping and accessories such as benches. The sidewalks will be
made safer for everyone, including people with impaired mobility. New decorative streetlights, like those recently installed on the Pacifica Pier, will be
placed on both sides of the street with their wiring underground and with
provisions for decorative banners. Dedicated bicycle lane striping will be provided, along with bicycle racks to allow for locking bikes while shopping
or eating in the nearby shops and restaurants. Finally, the street will be
repaved and re- striped.
•Pedestrian scale
•5 per block
•includes Power – festival lighting
•Flag/Banner mounts
•Architectural design
*these were previously purchased.
•dedicated lane
•new markings and safety colors
•repair critical cracks
•corner ramps and driveway aprons
•accessibility for ADA
•traffic calming
•pedestrian protection
•highly marked visibility
•new paint 
•new street signs  – this will complete in a future phase.
Official City of Pacifica project link Palmetto Streetscape Project